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Expenses Verification Service

Working as a temporary worker under an overarching contract of employment enables you to link together a series of assignments under one contract. This means that the location of each assignment can be classed as a temporary workplace.

When you work at a temporary workplace Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) allow you to claim tax relief upon expenses that you incur wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your duties of employment.

When claiming tax relief it's vital that you maintain adaquate records to support your claim, and that is where the use of Expenses Verification from FS (EV) Ltd is so important. We act as your professional adviser to keep you up-to-date with legislative changes and ensure that you only claim legitimate business related expenses. In addition, we ensure that the records you must keep meet the requirements of HMRC to give you confidence that, should any information be requested, you are able to provide it accurately and quickly with mininum effort.

Description Express package Elite package
Expenses helpline
We will provide you with sound practical advice on what you can claim for and how to go about it. We can also explain your employer's expenses policy and the system for making claims.
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Audit procedures
We will undertake regular audit checks to ensure that complying with HMRC's strict rules which will involve examining the way you travel to work and the cost incurred on food whilst travelling or at your workplace.
included included
Annual analysis
We will maintain a detailed schedule of your expenses throughout the year and can provide your with quarterly statements if required, detailing the amount of expenses which have qualified for tax relief.
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We will maintain regular dialogue with you and your employer to prevent any misunderstandings in relation to the claiming of tax relief on expenses.
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We will act as a point of contact between you and your employer to ensure that any changes of assignment/mode of transport are identified quickly and implemented without undue delay.
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Working Tax Credits
We will provide you with access to a specialist advisor who will be able to calculate your entitlement to Working Tax Credits as a consequence of incurring or qualifying business expenses. The specialist advisor will not charge you for this service which will also incorporate a helpline for general enquiries.
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Receipts repository Send all of your receipts to us on an agreed timescale and we will convert them to an electronic file. You can retrieve the information as and when you need it via our secure web link. excluded included

Working Tax Credits

As you are travelling to a temporary workplace, expenses incurred in the performance of your duties of employment will be deducted from the figure which is used for the purpose of calculating your entitlement. This will mean that tax credits are likely to increase.

We have secured the services of a specialist adviser (at no extra cost to you) that will advise you on this aspect and provide a "helpline" service. We estimate that the average worker could be £30.00 per week better off*.

Our fees

Unlike some professional advisors, which charge an annual fee, we only charge you when you are working and incurring expenses. The fee is paid via mandate that you set up with your employer. You can cancel the mandate at any time.

The fee for our Express Expenses Package is based on a percentage of expenses which have been processed in any week (inclusive of VAT).

The additional benefit of our Elite Expenses Package is provided at a cost of 26% of expenses processed (inclusive of VAT).

Sign up!

All we ask you to do is to sign up to simple engagement terms which will set out the scope of the advisory service we will provide, once that is done the service will start immediately.


*Calculated on a single worker (aged 25) with no children, expected to earn £12,646 per annum and incurring £3,495 expenses per annum.